Meditation Class


Free Online Pyramid Meditation Sessions

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our sessions are now conducted online via Zoom

Every Wednesday evening: 9 PM - 10 PM SGT

Every Sunday morning: 6 AM - 8 AM SGT

Meeting ID: 734 524 4505
Passcode: 202020

These sessions are suitable for all levels from beginners of meditation to seasoned practitioners and will assist you to make meditation a part of your daily routine. 


The session will begin with an introduction to Pyramid Meditation and guidance provided at the beginning, followed by 45 minutes of meditation and ending with wisdom sharing and discussion.

Couple Meditating


Huey Lae

"I look forward to the group meditation sessions. It helps me to slow down the pace in my busy day. I feel that something is amiss if I do not meditate everyday."


"Pyramid Meditation is the best meditation technique that I've discovered. It shows the path to lead a better physical, mental and soulful life. The group meditation sessions helps us to gain more energy and provides a strong motivation to meditate daily. "


"I look forward to the group session every weekday. Although it is virtual, the group energies can be  felt . The community is open, honest and so lovely , sharing their experiences."



"In 2014, I stumbled upon the Pyramid Meditation Singapore website and decided to attend the weekly meditation sessions held at various venues.

After practicing for some time, I noticed it brought salvation to working life and also synchronicity in my life.

In 2014, I also had the honor of meeting the founder of PSSM, Brahmarshi Patriji at a seminar in Botanic Gardens. I took a photo with him and his advice to me was simple "just watch the breath". So I joined the group sessions whenever I could.

When Pyramid Meditation sessions went fully online last year, I participated regularly.  Navneet, the Organizer, was championing us to 'Go Vegetarian' so I decided to make the switch in September.


I was also motivated to have better health and I believe that it is one's present life karma to take up a vegetarian diet.


The only difficulty I had was finding vegetarian food at odd hours and places. If I happened to eat non-veg food pieces then my sleep will not be peaceful that day.


I also no longer seek sensual/taste pleasures when it comes to my food choices. I'm very happy to have made this switch. 

Meditation is helping me sail through life during this time of uncertainty and challenges."

Stephen, Mar 2021