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Meditation done inside a Pyramid is three times more powerful than ordinary meditation


4 Pillars of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM)


Anapanasati Meditation

Using our natural breath to practice meditation


Pyramid Energy

Using Pyramid energy to enhance meditation


Spiritual Science

Understanding all the essential teachings of the world's Spiritual Masters


Plant based diet

Expressing compassion to all our fellow beings in the animal kingdom by following a plant based diet

Flute Meditation by Patriji 2012..JPG

In-person session

We gather monthly for group Pyramid Meditation. If you are interested to attend a session, please register here.

Free Online Sessions
Conducted via Zoom. Register here


Happy Master Program

The Happy Master Program is designed to make meditation a part of our daily life. Join us for 1-hour group meditation over 40-days to understand your true nature and potential.

7 July to 15 Aug 2024

Starting at 9:30 PM SGT


Cosmic Shower Program

An intensive morning meditation program lasting 3-hours. Take up this 21-day challenge! Begin your day with meditation and live a peaceful and joyful life.

1st to 21st June 2024

Starting at 4 AM SGT


Full Moon Meditation

Abundant cosmic energies arise on full moon nights. Join us for 1.5 hours group meditation to take advantage of these abundant energies.

22 June 2024

Starting at 9:30 PM SGT

"I used to think that meditation is for relaxation. I now realize that it is a powerful tool that gives you all answers in life."


5 Simple Steps to make your own Pyramid at home

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