Designed to increase self knowledge

Spiritual Science is the Mother of all Sciences. It refers to the study of Spirit, which is the study of the Self. Right spiritual knowledge is essential for progress on the spiritual path. It dispels the dark veil of ignorance and takes one to the light of Truth.

Workshop Topics

The Science of Meditation

The Chakra System - A Pathway for Self Healing

A Soul's


Karma & Reincarnation

Divine Crystal Oneness Meditation



Duration: Half Day

Meditation is the Alpha and Omega of all spiritual practices. It is the simplest and easiest way to connect to and understand our inherent spiritual nature. This workshop explores the Science of meditation and how to regain our true nature of peace and bliss with this scientifically proven method.




  • Understand the basics of Meditation

  • Learn how to practice meditation

  • Dispel myths of meditation

  • Understand the science behind common meditation experiences

  • Understand the concept of Cosmic Energy



Duration: Two Days










This workshop explores the seven energy centres that form a vertical column in your body. This interactive workshop will offer participants an opportunity to understand the chakra system as it relates to physcial, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness.




  • Understand the nature of each chakra and its function

  • Understand chakra blockages and the causes for blocks

  • Learn to recognise your own chakra blocks and understand the source of these blocks

  • Learn how to effectively deal with chakra blockages to restore balance

  • Recognise myths about the chakra system




This intensive workshop offers the following benefits:

  • Reprogramme your life by understanding the chakra system

  • Identify inner child wounds and engage in self healing

  • Understand your true potential


"After attending Navneet's class on Chakra, I actually contemplated the examples of her own experiences which she discussed in class and I did as she did. I sat with the feeling of hurt and just meditated. I am now feeling so much clearer and could find out what it was and why it was happening and now I can see things from a broader perspective."




Duration: One Day



Ever wondered about the mysteries of the Spirit world?

In this workshop, we will examine your spiritual origins, your spiritual nature and questions pertaining to the Soul such as:


  •  Where did my soul come from?

  •  What happens after death?

  •  How do I come out of the cycle of death and rebirth?

  •  What is my place in this Universe?

Workshop Outline:


  • Understand The Path of Evolution

  • The Bodies of Man

  • The Death Process

  • The various dimensions of life after death

  • Process of Reincarnation



“It was a very insightful and interesting workshop. A lot of elaborated explanations were given for better understanding. I'm glad to have attended and learnt something new"


“Very well explained and backed up with experiences and truth sharing. Navneet is a calm and cool presenter, it was a good ambience and I enjoyed the discussion and learnings”



Duration: Two Days

This workshop delves deep into the subject of Karma - the law of cause and effect. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the dynamics of karma, the different karma categories and how karma plays out in one's life. Topics also include pre-birth planning, karmic agreements, soul contracts and most importantly how to deal with challenging karma in one's life.


Duration: Half or One Day








Crystals are enlightened beings in the mineral kingdom and are powerful tools for deepening your meditation practice.


Spiritual Teacher, Pradeep Vijay is the custodian of a very special 144-facet clear quartz crystal which was gifted to him by the Galactic Council in the year 2014. 


Meditation done in the presence of this Divine 144-facet Atlantian Crystal will help you to:

  • Enter deeper states of meditation

  • Increase your intuition and gain deeper insights

  • Raise your level of consciousness

  • Activate your heart chakra and experience oneness

During the session, participants will have the opportunity to discover how to personally interact with the Atlantian Crystal’s energy. Participants may receive cosmic energy and galactic energy codes radiating from the Atlantian Crystal and experience higher states of consciousness.

Both Beginners and Advanced Meditators can benefit from this Crystal Meditation.


“An incredible opportunity  because I really could feel the strength of this Crystal in my meditation. My meditation was more intense and amplified my capacity to meditate deeply."


Workshop Facilitators

Pradeep Vijay

Pradeep Vijay was born in India in 1982 and migrated to Australia in 2005. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) in Chennai (India) and Master of Information Systems in Melbourne (Australia). In 2008, his quest for Truth and Eternal Happiness led him to the practice of intense Meditation for 3 years under the guidance of Subash Patriji, Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. During this period, he found all answers to his questions about life, life after death and his life purpose on Earth.


Beginning 2011, Pradeep started teaching Meditation and Spiritual Science. He is also the custodian of a very special 144-facet Divine Crystal gifted to him by the Galactic Council. He has conducted numerous Crystal Meditation workshops, Self-Healing Retreats and Self-Realization Retreats in more than 30 countries.

It is his mission to teach meditation & spiritual science to the seekers of the truth all over the world. During the Crystal Meditation session, participants receive Galactic Energy Codes which activates the True Human Potential to radiate Joy, Kindness, Compassion, Love and ultimately experience ONENESS.

Navneet Kaur

Navneet was introduced to Pyramid Meditation in the year 2011. It was during that time that she was searching and experimenting with various meditation techniques. Her regular practice of pyramid meditation has led to great inner transformation. After leaving her corporate job in the year 2014, Navneet dedicated herself full time to service and spirituality. She regularly organizes Pyramid Meditation sessions in Singapore and designs and conducts workshops on various spiritual science topics. She is a certified teacher of Meditation and Spiritual Science from the Pyramid Spiritual Sciences Academy, India. Navneet also travels with Pradeep to spread the practice of meditation to spiritual seekers overseas. She is a Singaporean, born and brought up in Singapore.