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Spiritual Transformation Experiences

Miraculous Healing with Pyramid Meditation

“I began practicing Pyramid Meditation in January 2021 and switched to a vegetarian diet by the third week of my journey.


I used to suffer from migraines on a regular basis for many years and used to take painkillers at least 3 to 4 times a week. My migraine attacks disappeared within two months of meditation practice and I stopped taking any painkillers.


I recently experienced intense pain in my body while on holiday. It was so intense that I was unable to turn my body as I was lying in bed at night. Very reluctantly, I consumed painkillers so that I could fall asleep. The pain returned the next morning, more excruciating, starting from the lower back radiating to the abdomen and to the thighs.


I never miss my daily meditation practice however I could not sit for meditation as the pain was unbearable. So, I stopped meditating. I decided to seek medical help when I returned to Malaysia. I went to 7 different medical specialists who ran a vast array of tests only to find nothing wrong with me. They were also perplexed. Even the strongest painkillers only provided me relief for approximately 3 hours.


It was then that I decided to speak to Master Navneet. She recommended that I intensify my meditation practice and go beyond body and mind.   


The next day I decided to try sitting for meditation again. A few minutes into meditation the pain started and became worse but I exercised my willpower to continue sitting for meditation no matter how much pain I felt.


I went into a thought-free state at some point and the next thing I knew, I had been meditating for an hour. I also noticed that my pain had reduced a lot. That day I also joined Master Navneet’s group meditation and Master Jaya Prada’s group meditation. After the group sessions, I was 90 percent pain free.


It is miraculous to have witnessed my healing. I now truly know that our body has the capacity to heal itself with meditation.”


Meera, Oct 2022

Amazing Life Experiences with Pyramid Meditation

“I started practicing Pyramid Meditation in May 2020 when I joined an online program conducted by Master Ayyappa Pindi (India). I became a vegetarian immediately after practicing meditation.


I continued my practice of meditation whenever I had free time. In May 2021, I took up sincere and regular practice of daily meditation according to my age.


During this period, I also gained enormous spiritual knowledge from watching YouTube Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) especially wisdom from Master Pradeep Vijay.


I have witnessed the following synchronistic experiences in my journey.  


In September 2020, I had a client meeting onboard a vessel at 9:30 AM. When I arrived 15 mins early, it was raining heavily. I cannot use an umbrella onboard due to safety reasons so I was upset and released a thought that I must be punctual for my meeting. I sat down to meditate for 3 minutes. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the rain had completely subsided. I thanked God, went onboard and met my client at 9:30 AM.


In January 2021, I was in India on the 30th day prayer of my deceased mother. At 2pm there was a power supply interruption at home and I was informed that the power supply will only resume at 4pm. I was quite upset so I released a thought that it would be good to have power supply when prayers begin. The moment I stepped into the house the power supply resumed.  


In March 2021, I was on my way to a Shiva temple in Singapore which I visit every week. As I was driving, it started to rain heavily. I wanted to reach the temple before it closed and I noticed only a few minutes left to closing time. I released a thought that I wish to enter the temple. To my surprise, I saw that it was not raining at the temple site (I had no umbrella) and I had made it on time. I thanked God and entered the temple.


In August 2021, a new co-worker named David joined my project team and we shared the same working space/room. He was a heavy meat eater and we used to have lunch together. After a few days, he would either start vomiting or get dysentery after having lunch with me. He decided to follow his inner guidance and changed to a pure vegetarian lifestyle. He also started the practice of meditation.


I then realised how a Meditator’s energy can create a major impact on his surroundings. This was also described in Patriji’s Ripple Effect of Enlightenment sharing.


Similarly, a new colleague was assigned to my project. He was a very negative-minded person always in an agitated state of mind. I was concerned about working with him. Miraculously, he was transferred to another site within a week. I then realised that frequency attracts frequency or birds of the same feather flock together.  


In April 2022, I was in Tamilnadu, India meditating in a Merkabah Pyramid along with two Senior Pyramid Masters. I immediately smelled a strong fragrance of Jasmine and towards the end of my meditation I smelled the fragrance of sandal. After meditation, I checked if the other Masters smelled any strong fragrance, but both of them replied ‘No’. They informed me that I had a third eye experience also referred to as ‘clairsentience’.


My life experiences thus far have been wonderful and motivated me to do more meditation. In November 2021, I received guidance to conduct an online meditation program in Tamil language for my friends. So, I organised 6 seasons of 21-day (total -126 days) program offering online meditation and basic concepts of Spirituality.”

Prabhakar, Aug 2022

I Realised that Meditation is a Powerful Tool

"In the year 2020, I experienced sudden weight loss and so I decided to search for yoga and meditation to heal myself. That is when I came across Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) on YouTube.


Twice I attempted to do Anapanasati Meditation on my own but I was not successful. At the beginning of this year, I considered meditation practice seriously. I discovered Pyramid Meditation Singapore and joined in an online group meditation session.

In February, Navneet conducted Cosmic Shower Program. From then on, I picked up the habit of practicing one hour meditation every morning.

In 2019, I had already switched to a vegetarian diet inspired by my 6-year old son. After regular practice of meditation, I noticed that my health improved. I no longer felt tired during the day and could complete all my household work efficiently.

During meditation practice one day I received the message “Yad Bhavam tad Bhavati”. It means “As you think so you become” or in other words “You are what you believe”. This message made me realise that we create our own reality.

Another meditation experience I had recently was the feeling of me holding a pen in my hand. Although my hands were clasped, that feeling felt very real to me. After that I started journaling all messages received during meditation and also important points which I would hear in PMC programs.

I used to think that meditation is for relaxation. I now realize that it is a powerful tool that gives you all answers in life. I am thankful to all Pyramid Masters who helped me in my spiritual journey."

Triveni, June 2022

My Soul Planned For Me To Come Into Meditation

“I began my spiritual journey in 2013 by chanting mantras. In 2014, I came across a detailed YouTube video on Anapanasati Meditation and Pyramids. Although I was inspired after watching it, I did not get into a regular practice of meditation.

In December 2020, I learnt about Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) on YouTube from my mother who had become a meditator. I discovered the Pyramid Meditation Singapore website and registered for the weekly online group meditation sessions conducted by Navneet.

In my first online session, I realised that I could sit for one-hour long meditation despite having many thoughts. I could also feel some energy on my head.  

A few days later, I purchased pyramid caps from Navneet. Despite having pyramid caps, I was not regular with my meditation practice. I only meditated when I had free time.


A month later, I experienced a miscarriage. This affected me so I discontinued meditation completely for a month. My mom suggested that I watch PMC videos by Pradeep Vijay on a Soul’s Journey. Thereafter, I understood that the miscarriage was part of my soul plan designed to bring me into the path of meditation.

In February 2021, I took up meditation seriously and switched to a vegetarian diet. I participated in all online group meditation sessions conducted by Navneet and Pradeep. Group meditation gave me immense energy compared to meditating by myself.

I found the spiritual sharing after meditation very helpful as it answered all my questions about life. I also gained more confidence to sit for longer meditation beyond an hour.

During meditation, I would feel vibrations throughout my body especially on my forehead and lower back. There would be a spinning sensation on my forehead and occasionally I will feel a jerk during intense mediation.

After a month of regular practice, I felt the urge to resign from my full-time job and dedicate more time to meditation and service. After my resignation, I joined the Cosmic Shower Program conducted by Navneet. I was so excited that I would wake up before 4 AM very naturally.

In this program, I experienced a lot of changes in my body. I used to feel so tired and sleepy after each session. I realised later that this was due to a healing and cleansing process.

With regular practice, I have noticed great improvement in my health, more confidence in myself, less fears, less worries and more acceptance. Everything started falling in place without me having to do anything.

My wish is to spread awareness of Anapanasati meditation in schools and make it part of the school curriculum. My life goal is to be consistent with meditation practice and enjoy the spiritual journey.


I am thankful to Pradeep for sharing his wisdom in PMC and I am very thankful to Navneet for her continuous support and guidance throughout my meditation journey.”


Nisha, Apr 2022

I Experienced My Soul During Meditation

“I was introduced to Anapanasati Meditation in the year 2001. I practiced it for a couple of years and stopped practicing when I faced increased responsibilities with work, marriage and the birth of my children. Life had become very fast-tracked for me so I let go of my meditation practice.


Twenty years later, I felt that I needed to return to my meditation practice. Initially I had trouble focusing for more than half an hour as thoughts kept racing in my mind. Nevertheless, I persevered and sat for few hours of meditation. I could feel the same robust energy in me as I felt it, two decades ago.


After re-starting my practice, I've had the following meditation experiences:


I often have visions of myself flying in the air and visiting different places such as ancient temples and other places which I've never seen in real life. I soon realised that I was travelling in the Astral planes.


Although I am sitting with my hands clasped during meditation, my hands would involuntarily rise to my heart and then slowly move above my head.


Most recently as I meditated intensely for longer hours, I saw a very bright flash of light in my deep meditative state. I also felt heat on my body for a few seconds. I checked with Navneet and she informed me that I had experienced my own Soul.


In my day-to-day life, I feel a sense of stability and serenity. I'm also able to handle my connections with people in a more matured manner.


I thank Brahmarishi Pitamaha Patriji for presenting this great meditation technique to us and to Navneet for her constant support and guidance.”

Sunitha, Feb 2022

Knowing and Healing Myself with Pyramid Meditation

“I have known about Anapanasati meditation for more than 30 years when I first learnt it from a teacher from Myanmar. I practiced it regularly for a few years and then stopped practicing to explore other forms of meditation and healing practices.


I experimented with other techniques where I focused on my third eye, crown chakra, bliss coded sounds, visualizations, meditations of the Ishayas, Hu Chant and many other techniques. It was an interesting journey of exploration.


A few years ago, I developed a lung condition due to the nature of my work environment. My breathing function was affected and I was prescribed medication which negatively affected my body.


At that point, I decided to return to my practice of Anapanasati meditation. Based on all of my experiments, I felt that Anapanasati meditation is the best technique to assess the state of my mind and emotions.


By being sensitive to my breath, I can reflect on myself, understand myself better and subsequently correct myself. I wished to understand the spiritual cause of my lung condition and how I could correct myself.


When I came across Pyramid Meditation Singapore seven years ago, it offered me the opportunity to enhance my Anapanasati meditation practice with the power of pyramids.


Initially I could sit for only 5 minutes as I would struggle to breath naturally after five minutes. With regular practice of Pyramid Meditation, I have observed that my lungs are functioning better. I can now sit for 20 to 25 minutes at a time. I hope to sit for at least one hour like I used to when I first learnt this technique.


I am also grateful to have switched to a vegetarian diet seven years ago. Although I was born into a vegetarian (Jain) family in India, I started eating meat when I arrived in Singapore. PSSM’s messages about non-violence supported my decision to return to a vegetarian lifestyle.


My focus has slowly started to improve and group energies have also helped me. I am determined to heal myself naturally with meditation. I thank Navneet for organizing the group meditation sessions.”


Vidyut Gandhi, Dec 2021

Meditation Means Complete Alignment in Life

"My interest in Spirituality began during my school days. For a long time I was searching for the 'right meditation' technique. When I discovered Brahmarshi Patriji and Anapanasati Meditation on Youtube in April 2020, I felt it was right.

I came across Pyramid Meditation Singapore website and joined the online group meditation sessions immediately.

At the beginning, it was very difficult to sit for one-hour meditation. I doubted myself but within a few days I found it easy and started practicing twice daily on my own as well as with the group.

I could feel the energy variations during my meditation.

I also did my own experiments like meditating with and without my Pyramid cap and with music and without music.

My third eye became active within a few days of practice. I saw visions of Buddha, Sri Aurobindo and Lord Ganesha in my meditation. This aroused my curiosity and caused me to do more meditation.

As the days passed by, I forgot about my meditation experiences and simply sat in meditation. All expectations were gone.

Following are the changes I witnessed after a few weeks of meditation practice.

1. I felt very active and energetic throughout the day.

2. I began my meditation practice one month after undergoing surgery in my stomach and noticed that I had healed very quickly. 

3. My sleep hours reduced.

4. My mind is very calm and quiet regardless of the outer circumstances.

5. I stopped feeling fearful, depressed and lonely. 

6. I became more independent and realised that “We create our own Reality”.

7. Relationships with family members improved beautifully. 

8. Positive-minded people entered my life and negative-minded people left. 

9. Intuition started working as I noticed synchronicity in my life. 

10. I regained my childhood SPIRIT with the understanding that there is nothing to lose or gain that I only need to be in the present moment. This realization alone helps me a lot. For me 'Anapanasati meditation' means complete alignment in life.

Having witnessed amazing benefits, I began spreading meditation to my family, relatives and friends. I also joined a group of Tamil -speaking truth seekers to spread meditation online via Zoom sessions and I shared my experiences to inspire others in this journey. 

I'm grateful to have found this very simple and easy technique of meditation and to have joined Navneet's online zoom sessions last year. She is my first ever Meditation Teacher and I received her support and guidance in my meditation journey."

Bharathi, Nov 2021

I Am No Longer Carried Away By Life Situations

"My journey into conscious spirituality sprouted from dissatisfaction with myself due to a number of broken relationships. That led me to search for support from group meditation. I tried out various groups but did not feel a connection until I tried Pyramid Meditation in Nov 2016.


During the group session, I experienced great energy inside my body and a sudden peace and contentment. I immediately felt this is what I was looking for. From that point on, I knew that I wanted to be part of this group and receive guidance too.


I became serious about my practice in May this year and meditate daily for up to two hours. I have observed that I go through 3 stages during meditation.


In the first stage, thoughts arise and I bring my attention back to my breath. In the second stage, my thoughts appear to be distant and my breath becomes unnoticeable. In the third stage, there are no thoughts and my body feels weightless as if it is floating.


On some days I observe extremely high number of thoughts and difficulty observing breath or I would experience body discomforts but I still continue to sit for meditation and take it as an important part of my journey.


My intuition has become sharper. I have inner clarity when I need to make a decision and I make it from a place of non-resistance.  If I am in a state of resistance, then I would wait and meditate until I reach a state of acceptance and then decide on my next step.


Before I used to struggle with falling asleep and waking up in the morning. With regular practice of meditation, the most significant change was falling asleep quickly and waking up feeling fresh in the morning.


During the day when faced with challenges I am able to look from a higher perspective and not get involved with emotions.


I feel a sense of mindfulness that gives me strength to choose inner power and not to be carried away with life situations. 


I'm glad to find support from pyramid teachers and all like-minded friends in the group. My gratitude goes to Navneet whose guidance and personal experience motivates and encourages me to be consistent and enjoy the spiritual journey with love and joy."


Ramziya, Oct 2021

Increased Awareness With Pyramid Meditation

"I learnt about Pyramid Meditation from a friend in the year 2019 and met Pradeep and Navneet that same year.


At that point, I was struggling with the idea of giving up my legal practice.  My body was breaking down, anger was building up and I could no longer drag myself to work anymore. Still I felt it was too early for me to “retire” at my age. Pradeep urged me to listen to my inner child.


There was a strong urge to search for inner peace and that led me to practice meditation regularly.


The chronic pain in my whole body made sitting for meditation challenging. With encouragement from Navneet and my wonderful friends, I started with 20 to 30 minutes per sitting. Today I enjoy the feeling of abundant joy as I am able to sit for meditation for 1.5 hours despite the presence of pain.


I surprised myself when I switched to becoming a vegetarian overnight. Gradually I received the awareness to not consume garlic, dairy and eggs. I was also able to accept the fascinating spiritual knowledge which seemed to be beyond my rational and analytical mind.


 My awareness has gradually increased in this journey and I have learnt to integrate some things into my daily life such as:


1.         Always be mindful and live in the moment without any expectations

2.         Appreciating and accepting myself as I am and allowing others to be who they are

3.         Death is going ‘Home’

4.         Be compassionate with unconditional love regardless of the situation

5.         Forgive myself and others as I was the one who chose these life challenges

6.         Fear and worry is due to my ignorance

7.         As I am in charge of myself, I choose to attract positivity

8.         My body’s sensitivity and intolerance to certain foods is a blessing in disguise and not suffering.


I realise that my soul has planned everything before birth. I am thankful to be able to pause from my once hectic life and seek enlightenment by focusing on my body, mind and Soul.


I am grateful to have listened to all the amazing sharing by many masters in PSSM, Pradeep and Navneet and also to my supportive husband who follows this spiritual path along with me."  

Ven Nie, Sept 2021

Incredible Experiences With Pyramid Meditation

“I spent several years doing ‘spiritual shopping’ trying out various spiritual practices. I stopped shopping after I discovered Pyramid Meditation Singapore in September 2020.


Becoming a vegetarian was the first challenge that I managed to overcome. Understanding compassion and avoidance of toxins were the main reasons for me to move quickly into this diet.


I sincerely practice meditation every morning on my own and also join in the group sessions. In the beginning, I had amazing experiences during meditation such as feeling the cosmic energy movements in my body, whirling sensations and third eye visions.


Subsequently these meditation experiences began to diminish.  I started to doubt my efforts and was a little disappointed. I later learnt that it was my mistake to put such expectations in meditation and my conscience was clear thereafter.


I encountered incredible experiences this year due to my meditation practice. In my job for instance, I was expected to vet every contract document that my company signed. I found it a challenging task as I had zero knowledge of legal jargons.


However, I sensed my intuition telling me to get the references from here and there. It was amazing to experience this inner guidance at work!


I have also hung a pyramid cap above my work station at the office. I do feel the cosmic energy flow while working.


I picked up the habit of book reading after joining Pyramid Meditation Singapore. I am thoroughly enjoying it and life feels very fantastic.


I am thankful to Navneet and others who have inspired me via the Pyramid Meditation Channel on Youtube and also to this group for their wonderful team spirit.”   

Gowri, Aug 2021

All My Survival Fears Disappeared With Pyramid Meditation

“I was introduced to Pyramid Meditation in the year 2016 by my sister. I became a vegetarian that same year.


I meditate regularly everyday for at least one hour. I have no experiences in meditation but I do feel so much calmer than before. I used to be a hot tempered person.


I am self employed, running my own business for the last 14 years. I have observed that during this Covid-19 pandemic, all my fears about survival are gone. In the past, I used to worry about the state of my business. Now I am not worried at all that my business is not doing so well during this period.”

Chan, July 2021

Meditation Taught Me Acceptance

“I was introduced to Pyramid Meditation in the year 2016 when Master Pradeep visited Kuala Lumpur to conduct a Crystal Meditation workshop. However I only took up the serious practice of meditation one year later. In 2018, I changed my diet and adopted a vegetarian diet.


My meditation practice has taught me the great lesson of acceptance.

 Just a few months ago, I was travelling within Malaysia with a friend who contracted Covid 19 after our trip. Hence, I had to quarantine myself at home for 7 days after my trip. I had a fear of being stuck alone in my room for 7 days. I readily accepted that I had such a fear and noticed that my energy changed immediately. With complete acceptance, I was able to isolate myself for 7 days with ease and no fear anymore.”


Johnson, July 2021

I Experienced Peace Only With Pyramid Meditation

“I spent 10 years as a Buddhist practicing chanting. I then trained as a Kundalini Reiki Master in the year 2010. During this time I made two Spiritual trips to India to engage in some ‘spiritual’ practices. I desired peace, to connect to my spiritual self and to know myself truly.


However deep down I was not satisfied and so I continued my spiritual search.


In 2016, I attended a Crystal Meditation workshop in Kuala Lumpur conducted by Master Pradeep. There I was introduced to Pyramid Meditation. Thereafter, my practice of Pyramid Meditation was regular, daily practice on my own and also joining in group meditation sessions.


I also became a vegetarian that year after understanding the karmic effects of a non-vegetarian diet.


I now realize that when I was doing chanting, I was only feeling peaceful while chanting. When I began meditating, I was peaceful while in meditation and also when I was not in meditation during the day.


It is only with this meditation practice that I have truly experienced peace and connected to my true self.”


Chui Fan, July 2021

My Meditation Practice Changed My Outlook

"I learnt about Pyramid Meditation in April this year. 

I experienced amazing changes after the first 21 days of regular meditation practice. 


I am already a vegetarian for the last 18 years. After learning how garlic creates fear consciousness, I immediately stopped eating it. After a week, I noticed that my fears vanished. I used to worry about my son and now I do not worry about him at all. 


My parents in- law are non-vegetarian and we used to eat together on the same table. I could accept them eating non-veg food but now I no longer see that as food. Meat, fish and eggs are NOT ACCEPTABLE as food for me anymore. 


I also feel a lightness in my heart as if a weight has been lifted off me.


I now see the difference between Religion and Spirituality. I used to go to India regularly for my Guru. I believed that my Guru will help me in life. On the spiritual path, I now realize that only I can help myself by transforming my wrong beliefs, gaining spiritual wisdom and connecting to my Soul through meditation. I now readily accept everything in life.


I'm very grateful to have learnt and practiced Pyramid Meditation and to have joined this group."

Lossiny, June 2021

I Found My Life Purpose With Pyramid Meditation

"I met the Founder of PSSM, Dr Brahmarshi Patriji in the year 2009 in Singapore. It was my first time sitting for group meditation with about 20 others. We did 90 mins meditation under the guidance of Patriji with his divine flute music and it was an amazing experience for me. 

 I was completely astonished by his wisdom and stayed by his side till late into the night. 

After that I decided to pursue '41 Days Meditation' so that I meditate according to my age everyday for 41 days but I was not successful in completing this challenge. Thereafter I was not regular in my meditation practice.

In 2011, I tried to reconnect with the group and attended group meditation sessions occasionally at the various venues.

I became serious about my meditation practice two years ago. I would meditate daily for over 2 hours. At the same time I was also following another practice by a group called Brahma Kumaris. I felt something was lacking so I approached Navneet.

I joined the 21 days meditation program organised by Navneet in Jan 2020 and also Pradeep’s ’s crystal meditation session. I decided then to focus solely on my Pyramid Meditation practice.

I felt an urge to quit my full time job in May 2020. So I set a new challenge for myself to meditate daily for 41 days. I meditated for 8 hours daily and spent 2 hours reading spiritual books and 2 hours in satsang listening to experiences of senior meditators via Zoom sessions and on YouTube PMC channel.

 I realized subsequently that my life’s purpose is to spread meditation, vegetarianism and pyramid energy.

In my hometown in Macherla, Nizamabad district, Telangana, India, I constructed a Pyramid (21 ft X 21 ft pyramid). It opened to the public in December 2020.

I thank Patriji, Navneet & Pradeep and all Pyramid Masters for their inspiration and guidance."

Malla, May 2021

I Switched to a Vegetarian Diet With Pyramid Meditation

"In 2014, I stumbled upon the Pyramid Meditation Singapore website and decided to attend the weekly meditation sessions held at various venues.

After practicing for some time, I noticed it brought salvation to working life and also synchronicity in my life.

In 2014, I also had the honor of meeting the founder of PSSM, Brahmarshi Patriji at a seminar in Botanic Gardens. I took a photo with him and his advice to me was simple "just watch the breath". So I joined the group sessions whenever I could.

When Pyramid Meditation sessions went fully online last year, I participated regularly.  Navneet was championing us to 'Go Vegetarian' so I decided to make the switch in September.


I was also motivated to have better health and I believe that it is one's present life karma to take up a vegetarian diet.


The only difficulty I had was finding vegetarian food at odd hours and places. If I happened to eat non-veg food pieces then my sleep will not be peaceful that day.


I also no longer seek sensual/taste pleasures when it comes to my food choices. I'm very happy to have made this switch. 

Meditation is helping me sail through life during this time of uncertainty and challenges."

Stephen, Mar 2021

I Love and Accept Myself and Others Now

"My meditation journey started in March last year when I was introduced to Pyramid Meditation by a friend. Since then, I have been meditating everyday without fail. During this time, I also watched the Pyramid Meditation Channel on YouTube. 

My meditation practice together with the Spiritual Science knowledge gained has completely changed the way I perceive life and live my life. I now understand the Law of Karma and Reincarnation and pre-birth soul planning. 

Before I used to feel that the world is a harsh and difficult place to live in. I was submerged in negative emotions especially during my interaction with others as I felt that others were not being the way I expected them to be. I also did not know how to deal with challenging and difficult situations in my life.

I now understand that I am a Soul here on Earth to evolve my soul by experiencing both the good and the bad in my life. At the same time I am here to learn my soul lessons of love, peace, acceptance, compassion, kindness and the other related high energy qualities.

I also understood that I chose my parents, my spouse and all the people and situations in my life before taking birth. So those difficult people and situations are a part of my life for me to learn my soul lessons failing which I shall meet the same kind of difficult people and situations until I learn my soul lessons.

So with this understanding and with regular practice of meditation, I've become more aware and started responding with understanding , acceptance and compassion instead of reacting with anger and disappointment when people and situations are not according to my way. 

Of course sometimes I do fall back and start reacting with the low energy emotions. But I quickly bounce back as with meditation I come to realize that I must first accept and love myself with all my imperfections and then only I can accept and love others. 

It is a work in progress and I sincerely  continue my practice of meditation  and reading right spiritual books.

In Dec 2020, I began teaching meditation to children aged between 10 to 18 years old every Monday to Friday evening. It is truly a fulfilling and satisfying experience. I feel that this is the purpose of my life."

Mona Murali, Feb 2021

Best 'Tool' to Face Life – Meditation

"I was first introduced to meditation sometime in 1991. Since then I have been experimenting on and off with various techniques to find something that suits me. 

When I tried Pyramid Meditation in 2018, I realised I am able to get into meditative state very quickly. 

Among all the practices I’ve tried, Pyramid Meditation is the easiest to practice.

All the time spent in group meditation during the Covid-19 pandemic has made me more disciplined and regular in my practice. 

I can feel the energies and group meditation is amazing!

Today I can honestly say that the best "tool" I own, to face life and its challenges - its meditation!! 


•    I am much more calmer than before.

•    I do not react or get angry the way I used to

•    I am able to face life and all challenges much better

•    I sometimes surprise myself at how controlled I can be

•    I have become "fearless" and more positive in nearly all areas of my life

•    I have received so many solutions to my problems and lots of strength and energy

•    I have finally become a vegetarian which was so difficult to be in the past."

Pooja, Jan 2021

Meditation Changed My Life

"I work as Head of Sales in a large company. The Covid-19 pandemic affected my work. It was tough to achieve sales targets and I faced tremendous pressure from my management.

My sleep was affected. I could not concentrate at work and began taking leave quite frequently. My mind was always fearful about work, health and my future. My family life was also affected.

I finally consulted a Psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Stress Related Anxiety. I was prescribed medicine. The pills helped me to sleep but my situation did not improve. After 3 weeks, I was diagnosed with Depression.


I was recommended to try Pyramid Meditation and discovered Pyramid Meditation Singapore online. I joined the online group meditation sessions in October 2020.

I struggled to keep my body still during meditation and I experienced pain especially in my lower back. Still I was motivated to continue group meditation once I joined the Zoom session and received guidance.

I feel an amazing power during group meditation. After few breaths, my mind wanders elsewhere but I am able to bring my awareness back to breath.

I took up the 40-Day Challenge and found that meditation completely changed my life.

I realised that I have no right to hurt any person or creature otherwise I will add bad karma to my soul so I completely stopped eating non-vegetarian food.

I stopped consuming alcoholic drinks. The urge to drink liquor simply went away.

I realised that everyone’s life circumstances is due to their previous birth Karmas.

I can overcome my mind. Before meditation, the inner chatter of my mind was controlling me but not anymore.

My concentration, observation and decision-making has improved hence my work performance has improved considerably.

I sleep very well. I am out of depression.

I was motivated to make my own pyramid cap at home. I also made a meditation bench to help me sit comfortably without back pain.

Meditation is an amazing tool and I am very grateful for having joined Pyramid Meditation Singapore and to have received guidance and motivation from Navneet."

Jeyakumar, Jan 2021

I Experienced the True Essence of Meditation with Pyramid Meditation

“I have been interested in the practice of Meditation for over 15 years but I only experienced the true essence of meditation after I started attending Pyramid Meditation group sessions in Jan 2019. 


Thanks to Pyramid Meditation Singapore, I have connected with the right people and increased my spiritual awareness.

It is a very simple technique requiring me to sit comfortably, wear a Pyramid cap and observe my natural breathing. I found that within minutes I could observe the cosmic energy entering my body from the top of my head.

After two years of regular practice, I noticed that meditation has helped me to understand myself, my desires, my worries, my interests, etc.

In the past I used to prefer being left alone due to depression and other worries. After practicing meditation I like to be alone because I love to connect with my True Self in my aloneness.

Over a period of time, I noticed that I am able to meditate without my Pyramid cap and still observe the flow the cosmic energy inside my body.

I usually have a specific location for meditation at home. After a while, I noticed that whenever I sit in that place, I automatically get into meditation mode and within minutes I would stop doing other activities and close my eyes for meditation.

Lastly, I have learnt to accept my actions and stop feeling guilty. I realised that the acceptance of truth is the first step towards peace in my life.”

Shyaam, Dec 2020

I Felt Like a Different Person After 40 Days of Pyramid Meditation

“I fell into depression when I was 19 years old in the year 2014. I could not keep up with planning my every response to events and situations so I avoided social life completely.


In December 2015, I came across Pyramid Meditation Singapore online. I was intrigued by the information on their website and immediately attended the group meditation session.


I felt great energy when I first sat beneath the hanging pyramid. The experience confirmed to me the presence of ‘Cosmic Energy’.  I felt refreshed, energized and my mind felt quite free of thoughts after my first group session.  I was advised to take up a ’40-Day Challenge’ – to meditate daily for 40 days and switch to a plant based diet during this period of experimentation.


I took up the challenge and felt like a different person after 40 days. I turned vegetarian, felt more composed, calm, focused and my depression was gone. However, I did not maintain this calm state for long as I was getting inconsistent with my practice. In 2018, I became lazy and gave excuses. When it was time for me to join the Army, I gradually stopped doing meditation and only did it when I was severely lacking in energy.


I have now resumed regular meditation practice by joining the online Zoom sessions. I realise that when I had stopped my meditation practice, it was my Soul which yearned for it and I now refuse to go back to the days of low energy, dullness and disease.”

Leon, Nov 2020

Pyramid Meditation Transformed Me

“I heard about Pyramid Meditation when I was living in Bangalore, India. When I moved to Singapore I decided to check it out and came across Pyramid Meditation Singapore online.


I joined the group meditation sessions conducted online via Zoom in May 2020. I purchased a Pyramid cap and became a regular participant for the online group sessions.


At the beginning, I faced difficulty sitting still for even 15 minutes. With regular practice, I can now sit for up to 2 hours. During this period, I also stopped eating meat which I used to eat occasionally before.  


I noticed a change in my behaviour after a few months.  I stopped judging others and dropped my expectations of others.  At work, my colleagues noticed that I had become calmer than before.


My meditation practice has helped me to eliminate behaviours and tendencies which are no longer needed in my life and become more aligned to my True Self. Meditation has become a very natural part of my daily routine now.”

Kumaar, Nov 2020

I Healed Myself with Pyramid Meditation

"I was retrenched from my job as an Engineer and diagnosed with depression in March 2020. I was referred to the National University Hospital and was prescribed medication. 


After 2 months, I came across Pyramid Meditation Singapore. I purchased a Pyramid Cap for myself and joined the online meditation sessions via Zoom. Within 2 weeks, I started feeling more confident about myself. I used my free time to meditate for 2 to 3 hours at a stretch and also turned fully vegetarian in Sept 2020. 


Gradually, I came to realize that my depression was due to past life karma and I also realised that I can be in control of my emotions regardless of the external circumstances.


I can now confidently say that I am out of depression and all medication. I am also looking forward to starting my new job next month. I am so thankful for having discovered this meditation technique.”

Guna, Oct 2020

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