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We are born as normal and average human beings. But how can we grow to become perfect human beings?


Thousands of people are living without knowing what “LIFE” truly is. A vast number of people live depressed and totally boring lives. All the technology in the world is not making man happy. Why is that so? It is because man does not study himself.


We tend to study everything other than our own selves. Our first and foremost duty should be to study ourselves and seek answers to the following fundamental questions:


  • Who are we?

  • Where do we come from?

  • What exactly is Birth and Death?

  • What is the source of human misery?

  • What is the permanent remedy for all misery?


Unless a person is interested in finding out the TRUTH about human existence, he is going to drift through his life aimlessly. The perfectly ignorant modern man reaps failures in his personal life without ever knowing the cause. He will be sick without knowing why and he will die without knowing what death is.


Everyone has to become a Happy Master! That is the purpose of our birth on Earth. We are not here to languish as half-baked individuals or suffer throughout our lives.


Everyone should experience non-stop Enjoyment and complete Enlightenment by becoming a Spiritual Master.


One cannot become a master until one aims to become a Master. That is the first step. ‘MASTERY’ can be achieved once we begin our practice of meditation and spirituality in earnest.


The Happy Master Program is designed to make meditation a part of our daily life. It is only with meditation that we can understand our own Greater Reality and our true potential.


Is the Happy Master Program For You?

‘Mastery’ is absolutely out of the question for a lazy dabbler. This program is for sincere seekers of Truth who wish to commit to a regular practice of Anapanasati Meditation and are conscious of their goal towards self-mastery.


Program Format

This is a free program conducted online via Zoom.

Dates: Jan 2023

Time: 9:30 PM SGT to 10:30 PM SGT everyday for 40 days

Q&A and Wisdom sharing every Saturday and Sunday.


  • This program offers the opportunity to spend time with co-meditators, co-seekers and co-masters.

  • Make meditation a part of your everyday routine and become a master of meditation.

  • Benefit from abundant group energies

  • Experience the benefits of meditation

“The process of becoming a Master begins, but never ends.”


Brahmarshi Patriji


Conducted by Navneet

Navneet discovered Pyramid Meditation in the year 2011. Since then, she has spent her time practicing, studying and teaching meditation. This inward journey has led to great inner transformation. She has experienced the healing power of pyramids, moment-to-moment awareness, divine intuitive guidance and freedom from her limiting beliefs as a result of her meditation practice. Navneet has conducted numerous meditation and spiritual science programs and workshops since leaving behind her corporate job in the year 2014. She is dedicated to helping truth seekers walk the spiritual path towards their authentic Self. 

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