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Pyramid Meditation is a technique based on the science of meditation and is very simple to do. It is suitable for all levels from beginners of meditation to seasoned practitioners. 

We organise group pyramid meditation sessions, workshops, retreats and international conferences and gatherings for spiritual seekers. All activities are conducted by experienced Volunteers who are dedicated to spirituality and service full time. Many people in Singapore have benefited from pyramid meditation in the last ten years. It is an established practice with numerous benefits. 

If you wish to learn how to meditate, then please get in touch with us here to arrange for a free session.


About Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM)

PSSM is a non-religious, non-profit, spirituo-scientific movement which started with humble beginnings in a small town in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. The movement has spread to over 50 countries today. Over 20,000 Pyramid Meditation Centers and more than 10,000 pyramids for meditation have been established around the world by Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

The 4 pillars of PSSM are:


Anapanasati meditation

Using our natural breath to practice meditation


Pyramid energy

Using Pyramid Energy to enhance meditation


Spiritual Science

Understanding all the essential teachings of the world's Spiritual Masters


Plant based diet

Expressing compassion to all our fellow beings in the animal kingdom by following a plant based diet 

About Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji

Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji realised the power of meditation through his own profound experiences early in his life and attained enlightenment in the year 1979. He founded the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) in 1990 with the objective of spreading the message of spiritual and harmonious living through the practice of Anapanasati meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Energies. His approach has been completely scientific and secular without invoking any religious symbolism.

He has written over 70 books and traveled around the world, exploring and teaching universal truths to millions of seekers. He teaches and guides with the same level of enthusiasm and friendliness to all spiritual seekers whom he interacts with and is readily accessible to everyone.

For more information about PSSM, please visit: http://www.pssmovement.org


In Patriji’s own words:

“PSSM is a very significant part of current worldwide New Age Spiritual Revolution. It is a movement leading humanity from violence to non-violence .. from blind religious beliefs to scientific and spirituo-scientific experimentation and spirituo-scientific logic .. from bankrupt materialism to magnificent Middle Path .. and finally evolving from animal level of eating to adopting vegetarianism.”